The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Garbage Disposal

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Garbage Disposal

Are you sick and tired of uneaten food scraps that end up leaving a lingering stench, or worse, attracting unwanted guests (pests) into your home? The solution is quite simple: You need a robust garbage disposal system.

Such a system grinds all the food waste into tiny pieces, so everything goes right down your kitchen’s sink drain instead of sitting in your trash can.

Thanks to a wide range of disposal systems available in various specs, sizes, and models, disposing of solid bits of leftover food is no longer complicated. It doesn’t matter if you keep your garbage can go outside or inside the home, getting rid of waste (mainly food) is a messy affair.

That’s why today’s busy consumers love the convenience that a proper garbage disposal system offers to make life easier.

Dirty Sink

If you want to keep your house pest-free, it’s important to take care of leftover bits and pieces of pizza crust and bread. Not only storing garbage attracts animals and insects, but it also contributes to creating an unhygienic environment around your home.

Many advanced garbage disposals are continuous-feed. That implies that the system keeps running as users continue to drop food in the food waste. Without a doubt, these systems are the most convenient types of disposal mechanisms.

However, such models are dangerous if you have a bunch of curious kids at home who may like to stick their fingers down the drain. Continuous-feed garbage disposal products also require a wall-mounted power switch.

On the contrary, users have to load up batch-free garbage disposals with all the food scraps before activating the system. These products are fantastic if you have small children at home since the models come with a power cord and a simple outlet.

Although garbage disposals are engineered to fix all types of waste, a few manufacturers warn against grinding up fibrous food waste like corn husks, celery, and banana peels. Grease is another big no-no and users should avoid disposal of rice and pasta since these items expand to cause a blockage.

In this buying guide, we highlight all the right features that you must pay attention to before investing a garbage disposal product. We also recommend a few tested models that are popular among users, thanks to their performance and features.

Product Name

Our Rating

Best 3/4 Hp Garbage Disposal

Winner: InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

Runner-Up: Waste King Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (L-3300)

Best 1/2 Hp Garbage Disposal

Winner: General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal

Runner-Up: Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Alternative: Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal

Additional Option: Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

Best One Hp Garbage Disposal

Waste King Legend Garbage Disposal

Best 3/4 Hp Garbage Disposal

Let’s take a look on our top recommendations for this category:

Winner: InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator is a household name for designing and manufacturing the world’s best garbage disposal systems. The brand’s Evolution Series is a proof of the company’s commitment to deliver glitch-free garbage disposal mechanisms that guarantee a quiet operation and maximum pulverization of garbage.

  • SoundSeal and multigrid technology
  • Large-sized grinding chamber
  • DuraDrive Technology
  • Compact Design

The InSinkErator Evolution Garbage Disposal Unit comes equipped with advanced sound insulation and anti-vibration features to deliver an excellent performance. The product offers quiet operation and is engineered to tackle all types of food waste. It features efficient and separate grinding chambers that result in creating pulp out of your trash.

The grinding chamber measures a remarkable 34.6 oz. That implies that the product is capable of conveniently handling large batches of food. Since its grating components are stainless steel, the model is durable to last you many years to come.

The product’s induction motor is one of the best engines designed for non-commercial garbage disposal. This finely engineered motor coupled with InSinkErator’s patented DuraDrive technology delivers unbeatable performance.

InSinkErator Compact Garbage Disposal



The Compact Garbage Disposal eliminates the need for installing a bulky and heavy-duty model. Thanks to a compact design, it is a great space-saving garbage disposal accessory at an affordable price.

Another great feature of our winner is that it offers a quiet operation. Unlike other noisy systems, this product lets you hold a conversation in the kitchen without having to scream.

Buyers who have purchased the fantastic product love it for its DuraDrive technology, functional design and a powerful induction motor that handles everything you throw at it. The stainless steel promises no corrosion and offers exceptional durability.

The model has garnered plenty of positive reviews from happy customers on Amazon who consider it the best 3/4 hp garbage disposal worth every penny. The garbage disposal is available for a price about $200 on

Runner-Up: Waste King Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (L-3300)

The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal (L-3300) delivers more power per pound than most of today’s regular products. The Legend 3300 ranks as our runner-up since it grinds up food at an exceptionally faster rate, saving both water and energy.

  • High-speed motor
  • Convenient installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sound insulated for a noiseless operation

Waste King claims that the model’s robust 3/4 HP motor is engineered to dispose of your garbage using 60% less energy than its rivals. The engine gives a dominant performance and requires 115 volts and 6.0 current-amps to function.

One of the most impressive features of the (L-3300) is its detachable splash guard around the system’s entry hole in the sink. That prevents waste from spewing out of the feed hole when the system is running, resulting in a cleaner kitchen. The removable splashguard also makes it easy to clean the model.

Currently, the 3300 is one of the best continuous feed garbage disposal units that are available at an affordable price tag. Users can keep adding leftovers as it is running to get rid of all food waste in no time.

Waste King 3300 Garbage Disposal



However, it is always better to avoid stuffing too much in too quickly, or you may end up jamming the grinder. Users like its reset button mounted on the front. The function is beneficial to get it working again in case the garbage waste disposal overheats.

Another great feature of the model is that it can work with a septic system. But make sure to check whether your septic tank is of appropriate size to cope with a garbage disposal unit.

The Waste King Garbage Disposal has attained massive popularity among customers, thanks to its dominant performance and easy maintenance. Interested buyers can purchase used and new models that start from $101 on with free shipping.

Best 1/2 Hp Garbage Disposal

Here are top picks for the best 1/2 hp garbage disposal:

Winner: General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Disposal

The GE GFC520V Continuous Feed is our winner in the 1/2 hp garbage disposal category. If you are looking for an easy way to discard all food waste down the drain, the General Electric GFC520V serves as the perfect model to get the work done.

  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Dual Swivel Impellers
  • Over 2,800 RPM
  • Sound Insulation for a quieter operation

Having engineered a string of winning products to ease the life of today’s modern consumers, GE has become a leading brand in the industry. The critically acclaimed continuous feed garbage disposal is a reflection of the manufacturer’s excellent craftsmanship and use of advanced innovations to engineer the best of products.

The GE GFC520V completely disintegrates the toughest of food wastes so that it quickly circulates in your sewage system. Now you can enjoy fewer garbage bags to add more convenience to your life and make your house pest-free.

The best part of the GE GFC520V is that it is relatively easy to use. Detach the sink stopper and open the cold water tap for initiating the operation. The Continuous Feed Disposal is a compact garbage disposal system that weighs just over nine pounds.

General Electric Garbage Disposal



Thanks to its compact design and durable metals, you can easily install it in most areas under the sink. The model is equipped with dual swivel blades manufactured out of stainless steel and is engineered to guarantee a trouble-free performance since it never gets jammed.

The food disposal is capable of going up to 2800 RPM for grinding your food waste more efficiently than most standard products. With a robust permanent magnet motor of 1/2 horsepower, you get nothing but a power-packed performance.

Thanks to an EZ mount installation; there are fewer parts and steps to install this system. The manufacturers offer fewer components to make installation a breeze.

Unlike other regular models, the feed disposal features a comprehensive sound insulation system to result in a noise-free operation. The detachable splash guard makes sure all waste is disposed of without any mess but also maintains as little sound as possible.

The General Electric GFC520V Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal enjoys massive popularity and a fair share of positive reviews from a broad customer-base on If you are interested in buying this efficient garbage disposal, you can find used and new models on Amazon where the price-tag starts from $55 with free shipping.

Runner-Up: Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Thinking of replacing your old garbage disposal or buying a new one for your kitchen? Opt for the fabulous Kitchen Aid KCDB250G Garbage Disposal. The 1/2 HP model is one of the several products from KitchenAid to help you get rid of food leftovers and keep your kitchen ambiance hygienic.

  • Impressive grinding capabilities thanks to 1725 RPM
  • Easy to install
  • Quieter operation
  • Connected to an electrical switch for added safety

The Kitchen Aid KCDB2505G is one of the best 1/2 hp garbage disposal systems that spins at the rate of 1725 RPMs. The product is famous for its remarkable grinding capabilities that save energy and time.

The powerful motor is potent enough to pulverize robust food scrapes to offer a brilliant and durable operation. This convenient disposal system is excellent for a small to a medium family to take care of everyday garbage needs.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal



The brand is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen appliances. That is the best model to purchase if you don’t eat at home too often. Most ideal for couples and small families, the KCDB250G meets your expectations if you have a relatively small amount of daily waste.

However, this garbage disposal system comes with easy cleaning and reduces your time in the kitchen while maintaining a clean atmosphere around your living space.

The grinding chamber and blades are produced out of premium quality stainless steel, to offer maximum protection against corrosion. It also features impressive safety features such as a manual reset feature, a rubber safety cap, a splash guard and an electrical switch operation.

You can buy it on where it has received plenty of favorable reviews from multiple customers. The garbage disposal system is available for almost $81 on Amazon.

Alternative: Whirlpool GC2000XE Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Are you dealing with a broken or non-performing kitchen disposer? Even worse – If you’ve been living without a garbage disposal, you’re seriously missing out.

News flash: If this sounds like you, believe me when I say the Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal is the unit for you. When we think of Whirlpool, top-notch affordable appliances of all kinds come to mind. Their ½ HP continuous feed kitchen disposer is one of the best. Say “Goodbye” to smelly kitchen leftovers!

Check out some top features of the Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal:

  • Simple self installation with a detailed instruction manual (plus, Whirlpool has a super supportive customer service department, available via: phone, email, online chat, and their website provides several “How To” downloadable guides)
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • High-quality and affordable for most households
  • Includes a dishwasher connector which doubles the efficiency of this unit

Still not convinced?

Here’s the bottom line – the GC2000XE belongs in the “continuous feed” garbage disposal category. This means it will continue to get its job done, all while you’re working around the kitchen. It’s composed with a combination of stainless steel and galvanized steel. This matters because these materials prevent rust from forming, so the unit will last significantly longer.

Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal Review


Remember: The Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal is available for sale on, where you’ll be able to see its extensive list of glowing user reviews.

The best part?

On Amazon, you’ll be able to purchase this top-of-the-line garbage disposal for a mere $125, significantly cheaper than at the local hardware store. Oh, and you’ll receive FREE 2-day shipping (including weekends).

If that isn’t a steal of a deal, I don’t know what is. Note: You can read our in depth review of the Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal here.

Additional Option: Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal

You know it’s true: When it comes to kitchen appliances, the garbage disposal is one of the most frequently used units.

The only way to ensure the safe and effective removal of old food leftovers, expired food, and perishable items is to invest in an operative garbage disposal. The last thing anyone wants is a home full of the unpleasant smell of rotting food.

So, what’s the answer? To avoid a stinky house, you need to check out one of our favorite appliances: The Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal.

It’s simple, the Waste King L-2600 ½ HP kitchen disposer provides the whole package. Everything you could ever want in a garbage disposal can be found within this unit. Offering all the bells and whistles for a seriously affordable price!

Let’s check out some features that make the L-2600 such an incredible machine:

  • High speed AND eco-friendly? You got it with this unit. Due to the fact that the L-2600 is built with a ½ horsepower motor (running at speeds of 2600 RPM, 115v), this unit completely demolishes all waste it comes in contact with. How powerful? It will, quite literally, liquefy all organic waste to be safely removed. It’s eco-friendly because the waste it grinds up will be sent to your water recycling facility – turning that food disposal waste into natural energy or fertilizer, etc.
  • This Waste King model features a permanent magnetic motor – designed to prevent motor jams
  • Created with new anti-corrosion technology, further ensuring the prevention of rust build-up
  • Stainless steel swivel impellers designed to minimize the chances of jamming
  • It’s removable splash guard blocks messy back-ups and lingering smells – easy to clean

Let’s face it, most people are unsatisfied with what they can, and cannot, put down their garbage disposers. That said, the L-2600 is known for its incredibly powerful ability to totally liquify just about anything you put down it.

But wait – we aren’t done yet!

how to install garbage disposal


This Waste King model has rave reviews – from its super easy self-installation to the fact that the noise of the disposer is very, well, basically non-existent.

Yep, you heard that right!

Can you imagine a quiet garbage disposal system? Hard to believe, especially since this particular unit is unbelievably powerful. But it’s true! The motor on this disposal is incredibly quiet while operating. A pleasant surprise, as the price of the Waste King L-2600 garbage disposal unit is affordable for literally every household.

Best One Hp Garbage Disposal

This is our top pick for this category:

Waste King Legend Garbage Disposal

The Waste King Disposal L-8000 features an incredible one horsepower motor for grinding just about every type of food waste. Now you don’t have to experience any chocking or blockage since its powerful engine takes care of all your waste disposal needs.

  • High-speed permanent magnet motor offering up to 2800 RPM
  • Convenient installation, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty
  • Compact, light-weight and durable

The model requires 115 volts, 7 amperes of current and 60 Hz to function. This model has widely used garbage disposal that utilizes a continuous feed disposal system.

Feel free to continuously add food to the L-8000 waste disposer while it is running. The swivel impellers produced out of stainless steel are engineered to eliminate jamming, whereas the detachable splash guard eases clean-up for hassle-free maintenance.

That is a perfect accessory for an average household. The unit’s grinding components are designed to sustain daily wear and tear.  Thanks to a glass-filled chamber, there is no corrosion. That explains the product’s lifetime warranty for corrosion by Waste King.

All parts are insulated, resulting in quiet operation. The 2800 RPM permanent magnet Vortex motor gets the grinding job done to perfection so you can discard all types of food. The robust 1HP motor powerfully executes a continuous grinding operation without any hiccups.

Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal



The waste disposer has a 36-inch long power cord. The unit comes with a handy front mount reset button and EZ plumb mounting system for giving unparalleled convenience to users.

Users get a limited mechanical warranty if they need to replace the disposer in your home due to a material or mechanical defect. However, a lifetime warranty against corrosion or rust validates its durability. No electrical or technical expertise is required to install this garbage disposal system.

The product has collected quite a few positive reviews from satisfied customers who praise the model for its easy installation and convenient cleaning. The high-speed motor offers a quiet and glitch-free operation for grinding your waste in no time.

New and used models of the Waste King Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal L-8000 are available on Amazon where the price starts from a little over $87.

How To Buy The Best Garbage Disposal?

Since there are too many garbage disposal systems on the market, deciding on the right one according to your needs and preferences is tricky. However, there are specific features to look for in a product when you are investing in a garbage disposal product to keep your home atmosphere clean and fresh.

Buyers must pay attention to their lifestyle, family-size and the capacity of a product before purchasing the most appropriate disposal unit. Here are a few factors to pay attention to when you are looking to buy the best garbage disposal system.

Motor Power

Efficient garbage disposal is designed to handle standard kitchen waste without any glitches. However, its performance also relies on the kind of garbage you usually want to get rid of to prolong the life of your unit. You should also consider whether you would use it daily or occasionally to determine the best motor power for your needs.

3/4 Horse Power Garbage Disposal

A small and affordable disposal system can cater to a small family. For instance, a 1/2 HP motor is perfect for a couple. You can also go for a 1/3 HP product for occasional use. But, if you are serving a large group of people on a daily basis, then a 1 HP garbage disposal is perfect for regular use and more prominent families.

Continuous Feed Vs. Batch Feed

As mentioned before, continuous feed garbage disposals are the most popular types of products. Not only these units are more comfortable to use but also offer advanced features with a durable built. However, you might want to reconsider this option if you have young children at home.

The cover over the grinder entrance hole guarantees protection against the breakdown of cutlery or other items in case they fall in accidentally.

Grinding Power

Another crucial feature that decides the performance of garbage disposal is its grinding power. An efficient product ensures maximum grinding so as not to harm septic tanks or block sewerage pipes.

Many popular manufacturers claim to offer up to three grinding stages in their products. However, the cheapest and most popular disposals feature just one step. Naturally, less crushing power restricts a system’s performance.


Your chosen disposal system should come with simple installation feature. Look for convenient mounting options that connect a model to a kitchen counter or sink.

Vibration And Noise

Most waste disposal units are notorious for giving off a loud noise during operation. The vibration or noise is due to two main reasons. It could be due to the connection between the kitchen sink and the unit or the unit itself.

It makes sense to invest in noise-free garbage disposal by checking its mounting systems and insulation features. Today’s most popular products come with dynamic mounting capabilities to reduce the vibration from the unit to the sink.

Throwing Food In Sink

Moreover, check for proper insulation around moving parts, sink baffles, sink mounts and anti-vibration tailpipes to benefit from a quieter operation. Sometimes, you experience an excessively noisy model due to damaged or worn out parts. Buyers should run a quality check when buying a used product.

Septic Tank Safe

Another crucial feature to evaluate is whether your garbage disposal system is suited to your septic tank. In case your septic tank is not large enough to manage garbage disposal, you are likely to ruin your sewerage system.


Best garbage disposals have components that are rust-free stainless steel with premium quality components and grinding chambers. Automatic reverse systems and anti-jamming parts are essential features to look for in an extended lasting unit.


Top-rated garbage disposals come with an easy to follow instruction manual. If a manufacturer offers clear installation instructions, then a buyer can ideally install it himself without any technical expertise. That goes a long way to save on your plumbing bills.


Measure the space under your kitchen sink before you purchase an expensive product. You must know the required appropriate size which is often determined by a product’s power. Smaller units come with smaller motors, and more significant sizes denote high motor power.

Although there could be a few exceptions, you may have to enlarge the space under your kitchen sink in case you want to purchase a heavy-duty garbage disposal system.

Safety Features Afforded

One of the surest signs of a solid quality product is a comfortable range of safety features. So, no matter what price range you’re looking for these pieces of equipment in, make sure you only opt for models that have adequate safety features in place. 

An example of such safety measures is the add-on safety cover seen in most continuous feed models. The strong motor of these pieces of equipment has been designed not to come on unless it detects the safety cover in place.

No batch feed model has this feature but a few of them come with auto-reverse mode which can significantly reduce the risk that utensils pose when they accidentally fall into the disposal unit.

Beyond this, it also helps to lay down clear safety rules in your home so everyone can be more careful around these devices.

Accessories and Added Features Offered

True, the main reason most people get these pieces of equipment in residential and commercial kitchens is to simply remove all amounts of food waste like fruit pits and even tougher waste like fibrous materials. But who doesn’t like getting more for their money?

Whether you’re going for continuous feed models or batch feed disposals, seemingly little things like whether the garbage disposal models come with a pre-installed power cord can make all the difference.

In addition to a pre-installed power cord (which saves you a little on cost), you’ll be able to make even more use of this piece of equipment if its stainless steel grind components and strong motor afford you perks like auto-reverse and multiple grind stages.

For instance, auto-reverse can come in handy if your 0.75-horsepower motor gets clogged. As the RPM motor can swing in reverse, it’ll be able to unclog itself and ensure complete waste removal, be it soft food waste or tougher waste material.

Having the choice of multiple grind stages is great too as your disposal unit will be able to make quick work of even more fibrous materials. While pieces of equipment that have these functions are often more expensive, the ease of complete waste disposal they afford you can easily make up for that.

Best Tips for Using a Garbage Disposal Unit

No matter what product you end up going for, some best practices to always follow include:

  • Always make sure you go through the owner’s manual in detail and understand it before you start using the device.
  • Never put greasy or oily foods in your garbage disposal or drain.
  • You can make your disposal device last longer by running hot water through it after each use. Using hot water to flush the drain doesn’t only help clear it but can also kill microorganisms that may collect because of the food waste.
  • Make sure to cut fibrous materials into smaller pieces if you plan to run them through your disposal unit.
  • If you have to clean your garbage disposal, you can do so by throwing citrus peels and ice cubes down the drain and grinding.
  • Avoid using your unit to dispose of coffee grounds or egg shells. Because these food wastes are grainy by nature, they can easily build up over time and lead to clogs.

Benefits Of Purchasing A Garbage Disposal Unit

  • Keeps your living space odor-free
  • Effective and timely waste management
  • Maintains a pest-free environment
  • Nod food scraps go down the drain to clog your pipes


Who likes to live in a stinky and unhygienic environment? Thanks to an efficient garbage disposal unit, you can safely maintain a fresh and clean home atmosphere without having to spend a fortune. A proper garbage disposal system guarantees a brilliant performance at an affordable price to keep your pets and children safe and allergy-free.

Plumber Holding Garbage Disposal

Unlike the conventional dustbin, such a system offers an environmentally friendly way to manage heaps and piles of domestic waste.

When you are looking to buy the best garbage disposal unit for your needs, make sure you consider all the features we have listed in this buying guide. Moreover, all products that we have recommended are manufactured by the best of brands to ensure a safe and reliable disposal experience.




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