5 Best Garbage Disposal Splash Guards to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

garbage disposal splash guard Installing

Garbage disposals perform great functions when it comes to keeping your kitchen sink clean and tidy. If you do not cover it, a bad odor will come out of your kitchen sink. This is where a disposal splash guard comes in handy to prevent this. 

The garbage disposal splash guard is inside the sink flange to stop food and water from splashing up when you use the garbage disposal. There are different types of disposal splash guards, they could be plastic or rubber, located inside the sink or on top of the garbage disposal. It could also come in various shapes and sizes.

The Best Garbage Disposal Splash Guard 

1. Cleesink 3¼ Inches Splash Guard for Waste King, GE, and Whirlaway Garbage Disposal

This Cleesink splash guard is perfect for preventing debris and water from splashing up from the garbage disposal. It is also particularly helpful for muffling the sounds generated by the garbage disposal. 

The splash guard has an outer diameter of 3⅛ inches. This makes it a perfect replacement for Waste King, General Electric (GE), Whirlaway, and disposals with EZ mount systems. The installation process is easy and does not need any tools. Place the splash guard over your drain and you are ready to use it. 

You can also remove it for regular cleaning or to access the grind hopper of your garbage disposal. When you are trying to replace it, ensure the disposal is connected to your sink or it will not seal.

The quality of material used to make the splash guard determines its quality and durability. This Cleesink splash guard contains a high-quality oil-resistant rubber material. This is resistant to wear and heat. You will be getting great quality for your money. 

Unlike most other brands that use a starburst design that clogs up, this sink guard drains with ease and has no clogging issues. The hole at the center is larger and allows water to drain.

The rubber around the center hole is very flexible but solid and has five triangular sides that 

allow waste to flow down the drain with ease. Installing this Cleesink splash guard will bring you a pleasant kitchen experience. 


  • Easy installation
  • High-quality materials
  • Very affordable
  • Snug and secure fit
  • Flexible but solid build
  • Reduces garbage disposal noise


  • Too stiff

2. Tezoro 3⅜ Inches Splash Guard for Evolution Series

The Tezoro 3⅜ inches splash guard contains durable, high-quality silicone materials. Like the Cleesink product reviewed above, it does not use a starburst design. It has larger holes to allow water waste and waste food items to drain better. It is perfect for a lot of cleanup and meal prep tasks. 

The Tezoro splash guard is an affordable way to prevent the garbage from splashing back into your sink. It also prevents nasty odors from filling the environment. It is pliable and will open up under the weight of waste to allow it to flow down the drain. 

It also prevents any non-garbage disposal items like metals from falling down the drain and damaging the damage disposal.

It is easy to install and does not need any extra tools. It is universal and compatible with several garbage disposal brands and models. It works well with all American standard sinks, as well as Kohler, Moen, Whirlaway, Sinkmaster, and Waste King garbage disposals.

Apart from functioning as a splash guard, this device also contributes to blocking out noise from the disposal motor. It can reduce up to 70% of the noise the garbage disposal produces as it works. If your disposal does not have sound insulation, you will love the Tezoro sink baffle.

It is removable and easy to clean. You can also take it out to reach into the grinding hopper to clean your disposal. If your current one becomes damaged or misplaced, you can replace it with another. 


  • High-quality materials
  • Simple installation process
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Smooth draining
  • Sound reduction
  • Replaceable
  • Versatile and compatible with standard sinks and disposal units
  • Helps water go through the drain


  • Does not fit well

3. Essential Values 3¼ Inches Garbage Disposal Splash Guard for Insinkerator Disposals

Essential Values is a brand committed to providing stress-free appliances for its customers. They pride themselves on making only quality products and this sink guard is not an exception. It contains high-quality materials that are resistant to heat and oil and is very durable.

The Essential Values splash guard is universal. It is compatible with the Insinkerator, Moen, Waste King, Whirlaway, Sinkmaster, and Kohler. It also fits into any standard kitchen sink with an opening up to 3¼ inches in diameter. 

It also prevents kitchen utensils, metals, and other items that are not garbage disposal friendly from falling down the drain.

It is very affordable and ensures that you can protect your sink and your kitchen from waste and nasty odors without breaking the bank. Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, you can still use this very versatile sink guard. It helps while you wash dishes or cook by allowing only food and liquid waste down the drain.

The installation process is quite easy and does not need the use of any tools. Take out the old splash guard and replace it with this Essential Values splash guard and it will fit. It is also easy to remove when you need to clean the grinding chamber of your garbage disposal. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable
  • Odor and noise reduction
  • Durable material
  • Versatile and compatible with standard sinks and garbage disposal


  • Starburst design does not drain

4. Waste King Garbage Disposal Sink Splash Guard

Waste King is one of the best manufacturers of garbage disposal units. The brand is famous for its quality and durability at great prices. 

Waste King’s removable disposal splash guard is one of the most sought-after splash guards. You do not need any tools to install it. It stops undesired things from falling into the disposal and reduces splashing when the disposal is in use. The splash guard is also very easy to access the grind hopper and clean. 

It is compatible with disposals that have an EZ Mount system, including Waste King, Moen, Whirlaway, Kohler, and GE among others. It contains a durable material called neoprene. This is a synthetic rubber resistant to heat so you do not have to bother about changing the guard often. 

The splash guard is also useful to people who do not have a garbage disposal. It acts as a stopper that will prevent items in the sink from going down the drain.

The best way to get rid of odor and splashes in your kitchen sink is by using the 3⅛ inches splash guard. Measure the width of your sink drain before buying to ensure it fits.


  • Easy to install
  • It is removable and easy to access
  • The guard is heat resistant
  • Very affordable


  • does not have a secure fit

5. Cleesink 3⅛ Inches Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

If you want to use a Cleesink splash guard but the size we reviewed does not fit, try the 3⅛ inches model. 

It is compatible with Insinkerator garbage disposals and other 3-bolt mount disposals. For the best results, check the diameter of your kitchen sink to ensure they match before buying. 

The major difference between this Cleesink splash guard and the other one we have already reviewed is the diameter and the design of the drain. Unlike the previous model, this one uses a starburst design. This is a flat rubber with a tiny hole in the middle. It has six larger holes around and tiny slits connecting them. 

It can sometimes clog up and make it hard for water waste to flow down the drain. That is the major drawback that this model has over the other design. You can overcome this by pressing down the drain guard with a tool to allow the trash and water to flow out. 


  • Compatible with Insinkerator
  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable and removable
  • Quality materials
  • Noise and odor insulation
  • Affordable


  • Slows down drainage

How to Replace A Garbage Disposal Guard 

After a certain period, your garbage disposal guard will begin to wear and tear due to constant usage. During this period it will not be able to perform its function. You should install a replacement splash guard so your kitchen can continue to look clean. 

Make sure the replacement guard is compatible with the type of sink you have before you buy them. Installing a new stopper (guard) will take you less than thirty minutes to complete and you do not even need a lot of tools to do so. 

Step One

The first step is to make sure you have taken all safety precautionary measures before you begin.

  • If your garbage disposal plugs into an electrical outlet, you need to unplug it from the power source
  • If it is hardwired, turn off the circuit breaker to disconnect the entire unit

Step Two

The next step is to remove the garbage disposal and disconnect the drain pipes that run your garbage disposal to a wastewater line. If your dishwasher is also connected to the garbage disposal you will need to disconnect it. Place a bucket under in case water spills after you disconnect the line. 

Step Three

For this step, you will need a 4-in-1 screwdriver for the locking ring. The locking ring is what connects the garbage disposal to the attachment underneath the sink. Use a screwdriver to turn the ring counterclockwise to loosen it. It will take you a minute or two to loosen the ring. Hold on to the garbage disposal while you unscrew it.

Step Four

Place the garbage disposal on the floor or any flat surface. Remove the old splash guard from the top of the disposal, then use a cloth and soapy water to clean the top. If you want to, this is a great opportunity to wipe the disposal clean. Put the new splash guard in its place then hold it down. You will know if it is a perfect match if the guard fits 

Step Five

The last step is to connect the whole thing. This is the tricky part and although you can do this step by yourself, it would be much faster and easier if you had someone to assist you. If you are doing it alone, place the disposal on a stool, stack of books, or anything high enough to reach the locking ring. 

Use the screwdriver to turn the locking ring clockwise until it secures in place. Reconnect the drain lines and dishwasher lines then turn on the power supply of the garbage disposal to check if everything is working well. 


If you own a garbage disposal unit, you need to install a splash guard for your sink. It makes your kitchen easier on the eye and nose. The sink guard protects your garbage disposal from harmful objects that it cannot process.

It is difficult to choose one that fits and is compatible with the disposal unit. In this article, we have reviewed several that are compatible with many sinks and garbage disposals. This guide should help you to find one that is perfect for your needs.


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