General Electric Garbage Disposal Review

General Electric Garbage Disposer Review

Everyone knows full of hassles plumbing repairs can get; they are costly, and they are messy. Leftover food mixed with liquids does not make for something you are willing to touch and drain out of the pipe.

Even if you wanted to, the waste food is so tiny and unreachable that it will just end up in a professional person coming in to reinstall the entire system, which is hardly pocket-friendly.

Pouring Water In Sink

A proper garbage disposal system is a smart person’s go-to in every plumbing-related situation. Garbage disposals break down the food scraps into tiny pieces so that they do not clog the drainage, and result in a costly and chaotic situation.

A garbage disposal machine is an investment; reducing your overall expenditure in the long run. The General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is one of the most recommended, highly-rated and well-priced garbage disposals in the market.

About The Product

The General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is a heavy-duty, large capacity, stainless steel waste disposer with a motor of 1.5 horsepower, and over 2800 Rotations per Minute grinding action.

It has an EZ mount installation, with a direct wire power connection, a removable splash guard and stopper and comes with a sound-insulation feature as well. It is efficient, comfortable to use and just as convenient to mount and install, with all the features that you can need in a garbage disposer. In light of this, mentioned below are some fantastic features of the:

Powerful In Action

One of the critical elements of this appliance is the 1.4 horsepower motor, combined with the 3800 RPM grinding speed, rendering the grinding action to be fast and efficacious. You do not have to worry about food particles clogging your drainage system anymore, rest assured this appliance safely breaks them all down after the natural DIY-installation process.


The biggest complain that companies manufacturing garbage disposal units get is that the motors are noisy, and often scare children and small pets around the house when operating. Plus, the noise cannot accurately be a pleasant thing to hear during general clean-ups

However, the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is sound resistance. Motors inevitably make a certain amount of noise, but with this appliance, there is no noise.

A Functional Design

Perhaps the best reasons you should grab the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is for the carefully constructed design that allows not just for efficient functioning but practical and hassle-free installation process as well.

With the dimensions of 5.19 x 5.5 x 12.69, the garbage disposer comes with a sound-proof system, a pre-cutter (2-level), a wall switch with a sink halt, dishwasher drain, a splashguard, and an overload protector (with manual reset).

General Electric Garbage Disposal Installing

Additionally, it is jam-resistant, stainless steel and comes with two swivel impellers. It comes with an EZ Mount installation and has a removable splash guard and stopper included with it. All of these ensure that the process of chopping down the food particles pieces that will not clog the drainage system is as mess-free as possible.

Constructed With Durable Materials

A significant portion of the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemical and has additional duplex-grade strength. Plus, it is jam-resistant, and has carbon steel (cold-rolled) armature shaft material, adding to its durability feature that will save you a lot of money in the more extended run.

Convenient Usage – Another fantastic thing about the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is the ease with which you can install and start using it. It comes with a manual that will take only about 20 minutes to read through and apply on average.

As for operation, all you have to do is remove the sink stopper, turn on the tap water and flip the switch on and it will start scraping the food on its own. Just to be on the safe side, we would suggest letting the tap water run for about half a minute before turning the switch on; this allows all waste to pass through before the grinding process starts.


Other Features of the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposal to Consider

Just like the very best waste King and InSinkErator garbage disposal models out there, the GFC520V has more than is immediately apparent going on under the hood. Beyond all we’ve just highlighted, other elements of these sink garbage disposals you should know about are:

It Boasts an Efficient Dishwasher Drain Connector

This powerful anti-jam food disposal features a drain connector that not only contributes to how efficiently the dual swivel impellers operate but, on the whole, also makes it easier to keep kitchens clean.

As the body of this highly-recommended high-speed disposal unit requires only a little storage space, you’ll be able to make more efficient use of the limited space under your stainless steel or ceramic farmhouse sink. The best part of that deal is you get to do all this while still being able to eliminate difficult food waste from the toughest foods  

Enhanced Drain Boost Technology

This unit is arguably one of the fastest garbage disposals you’ll find in its price range because it’s an amalgamation of numerous advanced technologies. We’ve already talked about how its SoundSeal Technology (sound reduction technology) and anti-vibration technology ensure it has minimal operational noise.

However, its drink customization technologies are just as impressive. The drink customization technologies in question have a modern design that uses angled fins to force water down the drain. Thanks to this feature, when the high-capacity feed disposer floods the drain pipes with water, it efficiently dislodges all clogs in the system.

This contributes to the consistent performance of the jam-resistant dual stainless-steel swivel impellers. That exceptional performance is further enhanced by the fact that the larger motors of these popular models can run for extended periods at a stretch so you can use these units to keep your kitchen fresh and free of waste from fibrous vegetables and fruit pits on a daily basis.

Easy-to-Install Mounting System and Setup

Whether you genuinely prefer to work with your hands or you’re simply looking for the best way to cut costs, the easy-to-install mounting system of these high-standard disposers for all leftover scraps will be much to your liking.

The complete installation process usually takes no more than an hour, at the most. As a simple installation food disposal, it doesn’t utilize the complete 3-bolt design or mounting system found in many popular InSinkErator disposal models and Waste King units.

So, provided you stick to the instructions of the installation setup guide, you can get this compact disposal body working even if this is your first time setting up continuous feed models!

Modern Design Well-Adapted For Septic Systems

The compact, space-saving design of these sink garbage disposals also makes accommodation for households that use septic systems. This is rather impressive as some batch feed disposals and continuous feed garbage disposal units that come at an even more expensive price don’t afford this luxury.

The Catch

It only takes a glance to see that these popular sink garbage disposals have a lot going for them. From adequate safety advantages to affording you the resources to efficiently rid your kitchen of larger pieces of virtually all types of food, they’d no doubt be a fine addition to any home.

If we had to split hairs, one drawback of this GE product is the noticeable absence of certain additional accessories. The most important of these is the pre-installed power cord. As a garbage disposal power cord doesn’t come with the box, you’ll have to purchase one separately.

On the bright side, you have the option of including this item in your purchase when you order the GFC520V garbage disposal on a platform like Amazon.

What Others Say

Users have been buying the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer because of GE’s exceptional reputation of launching good, reliable products one after one. Most of the users purchasing this item are replacing a previous version of GE that had lasted them a decade.

The GE garbage disposals are a long-standing hit amongst the US customers. In fact, Amazon has enlisted this product in its Amazon’s Choice list, which only features top-quality, fairly-priced products that majority of the users love.

What most of the users adore about the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is how compact and flexible it is –no matter the space available under the sink, it will most likely fit in. You do not have to worry about it not fitting when you switch houses, or even while installing it for the first time. In such a small size, it brings with it a low price backed by a reliable maker.

General Electric Garbage Disposal


Many of the customers love the longevity of the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer. Constructed from stainless steel, it is corrosion-free and jam-resistant –which makes it an excellent long-term addition to your kitchen. Others just love it because it is relatively noise-free than its counterparts in the market, promising a quiet, efficient and easy-to-use product.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer under $65 from Amazon with free shipping. The manufacturer also offers a one year warranty with limited replacement, plus one year of additional limited parts.

Two of the most critical factors to look for in a garbage disposer is the ease of use and the durability. This garbage disposer effortlessly combines both qualities, something rarely found in similar products.

Final Verdict

Quiet, efficient, and easy to install, the General Electric GFC520V Garbage Disposer is a useful addition to your kitchen. With its durability, easy installation and cost-effective nature, combined with a broad set of features and accessories, this product is a must-have.

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