Waste King 3300 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend-3300 Feed Garbage Disposal Review

Garburators or garbage disposal machines include in few of those essential items that you likely to have installed in your kitchen if you are living in the United States. The electrically powered disposal machines are fit under your kitchen sink to trap, shred and drain the solid food waste.

However, as a buyer, you may get overwhelmed with so many brands of food disposals available in the market.

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The Waste king L 3300 feed garbage, in this regard is there to minimize your efforts when it comes to buying a product that is high in speed and comes with an easy installation. The kitchen aid with its advanced mechanical features can be a perfect addition to your kitchen as it can tackle various types of food scraps with its energy- efficient power motor.

Buyers seeking for durability may find it the best product to keep their sinks and kitchens clean for a more extended period. The product sets its aim to add more horsepower in the lives of its customers by providing quality service.

About The Product

Waste king L 3300 feed garbage entails an advanced technology with several modifications with renewed interior and exterior design.  The installed high-speed motor performs beyond expectations as it is equipped with 2700 RPM magnet motor and ¾ HP to accelerate the pace of the machine.

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    3/4 HP high- speed motor
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    Include sound insulation and jam-less magnet motor
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    Comes with pre-installed power cords
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    Has lightweight and compact design with stainless steel components
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    Includes a wall switch for continuous disposal activation
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    Sleek design  to accommodate more storage
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    Has Ten years of in-home warranty  
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    Money saving and ecological
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    2700  of RPM speed
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    Weighs 10 pounds
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    Includes 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 product dimension

Cleaning garbage machine due to its removable splash guards is straightforward. This exceptional feature of disposal machine ensures that it does not discharge food waste and keep your sink completely mess free.

The powerful motor of ¾ HP is protected with Vortex magnet motor to ensure its long durability. Unlike other powerful brands, Waste king L 3300 feed garbage offers extra power per pound. 

It’s easy and quick mounting system that saves a lot of time from being wasted on installing or replacing the machine in your kitchen. It has an adequately sized power cord which is 32 inches long and ideally works with septic tanks.

Waste king L 3300 feed garbage disposal is not only durable but is reliable.  It has a sleek and compact design that provides extra storage underneath your kitchen sink.  Moreover, the disposal machine is designed to serve the ecological purpose as well.  

All the garbage disposable of food waste is processed in the water treatment plants to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste in landfills. The absolute powerful magnet motor of the machine quickly grinds the waste within an hour that significantly lowers your electricity bills and saves your money.

Installed Waste King 3300 Garbage Disposal

An exceptional feature of ten-year warranty sets the product apart from the other disposal machines. The service authority replaces or repairs any defect in the product within ten years of purchasing date. 

Besides that, Waste king L 3300 feed garbage disposal is made of polymer grind chambers which are not only corrosion proof but resists rust efficiently ensuring the longevity of the machine.

No longer do you need to be worried about overload as manual reset button is there as a safety option. It automatically shuts off disposal function in case of any rare jam. The machine can be restart with the manual reset button.



  • Powerful magnet motor with permanent features of Vortex
  • Corrosion-proof design
  • Hassle-free installation with a secure mount system
  • Sound insulated
  • Long-term in-home warranty
  • Powerful grinding motor
  • Comes with dishwasher connection to drain
  • The power cord is attached to the motor unit making it difficult for the wire to reach to the circuit (if you want to)
  • The impellers of the machine make a sound when the unit is switched on

What Others Say

With its compact and modern design, Waste king L 3300 feed garbage disposal has been one of the preferable machines for the buyers. People are satisfied with its several impressive features of as it fulfills all the standard requirements associated with kitchen sanitary.

It has been expressed on some forums how waste king L has simplified waste disposal process with its advanced removable splash guards and secure mount system. 

Buyers are not only pleased with its long-term warranty program but are at peace due to its guaranteed durability. Purchasing Waste king 3300 is a smart choice to get a long-term and reliable performance. 

Buying Advice

Apart from its impeller sound, buyers are so far very much contented with the performance of Waste king 3300 garbage disposal. However, as it is remarkably user-friendly and has an efficient installation system, most buyers do not pay much attention to that little defect.  

Waste King 3300 Garbage Disposal

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Buying a disposal machine with some impressive safety features at significantly affordable price makes an excellent package for the buyers. If you are an interested buyer, the product is available on Amazon for only $120. Plus, a generous discount up to 63 % can be availed with timely delivery if you buy it from Amazon.

Final Verdict

To conclude the discussion, Waste king 3300 garbage disposal is an impeccable design comes with horsepower disposable technology that makes it unique and user-friendly.   It has pre-installed sound insulation to make your kitchen tasks hassle-free.  

Not only this, it is safe and has corrosion free chambers to ensure the design is long lasting and keep you protected from any septic allergy. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the quietest garbage disposals that are cost-efficient and free from any mechanical defect. 

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