Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal Review

The advantage of a reliable garbage disposal system is known and praised by everyone yet a large number of families and households refrain from using them because of the hefty utility payments they have to make at the end of the month.

Despite the ecological benefit of garbage disposal, the increased amount they have to pay isn’t worth it to some people. For this reason, the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal was added to their Legends series to help reduce biodegradable waste, without becoming too expensive of an option.

About The Product

The Waste King Garbage Disposal machine is an innovate model that seeks to impress users with its various features – starting off with its unique design, this garbage disposal system features a lightweight frame which puts less strain on your under-sink setup.

Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal Parts

Also, it’s needless to say that the compact dimensions will be giving you the added benefit of not taking up too much space in the cabinet. These features are what make the model impactful positively, yet less intrusive at the same time.

  • checkProduct Weight: 12 pounds
  • checkProduct Dimensions: 16 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • checkNo Batteries Required
  • checkPower Cord Included
  • checkVoltage: 115 V
  • checkFeatures EZ Mounting System
  • checkContinuous Feed Type
  • checkIncludes the Jams Less Technology
  • checkFeatures Sound Insulation
  • check2800 RPM Speed
  • checkSafety Power Off
  • checkManual reset

Surrounded by stainless steel, the sturdy internal grind has high-strength steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust. Such durability undoubtedly leads to long-lasting convenience without any hassle.

Aside from that, the Waste King Garbage Disposal also has a one horsepower high-speed motor that gives the internal system speed of 2800 RPM, ideal for grinding your kitchen scraps within just a few seconds, without costing you too much on your utility bill.

The advanced motor features a permanent magnet addition which means that it reaches full speed almost instantaneously after being powered on, which makes it less likely to jam.

Thanks to the brilliant thinking behind the design, this model of the Legend series features an EZ Mount-and-Twist lock design which makes the installation process quick and effortless. All the other requirements such as the power cord are provided to users, saving you the time to set up and have it ready to go.

The ecological design is the result of endless consideration for the environment and the size of one’s carbon footprint. As a result, you’ll be getting a reduced utility bill for implementing the use of this garbage disposal system.

Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal Back Side

The Waste King Garbage Disposal comes equipped with a splash guard that can be replaced and renewed. This addition makes it much easier for you to clean out the disposal, retrieving any items that you may have dropped accidentally.

Even in the case that you use a septic system in your home, you needn’t worry about bringing home a member of the Waste King Family which is compatible with disposal tanks that aren’t adequately-sized.

Designed to be well prepared in the event of an unforeseen jam, the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal has the safety addition of a manual rest button that shuts off the system.

That allows you to clear up any jammed waste inside and get back up and running by merely pressing the manual reset button. Developed with Continuous feed technology, this model won’t be causing any inconveniences but somewhat uninterrupted benefits.

Also, the internal grind of this model is insulated to make your kitchen a no-noise environment. If all these features aren’t enough to convince you to opt for the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal, then how about a lifetime warranty that covers any defect that may arise during the lifetime of the original buyer?


Pros of Waste King Garbage Disposal L-8000

Some immediate benefits of opting for this 1-hp garbage disposal are that it gives you:

Full Value For Money

Even though it comes at a relatively cheaper price, the premium features and advanced features it comes equipped with easily make it the king of garbage disposals. After all, with a one-horsepower motor HP, this food disposer can make quick work of a couple of chicken bones and bits of beef bones. 

It’s worth mentioning that this food disposer is one of the fastest waste disposals on the market right now.

No-Hassle Installation

The kitchen sink installation of this 1-horsepower garbage disposal model is also very straightforward. Instead of the conventional, professional 3-bolt sink mount system or 3-bolt mount, it uses an EZ mount system. 

Because of that, you won’t only be able to install these powerful garbage disposals more easily but you’ll be able to do so faster, too. This makes the Waste King garbage disposal L-8000 the perfect garbage disposal option for people who prefer DIY. It also helps that this garbage disposal unit fits most septic tanks, too.

A Great Lightweight Garbage Disposer

The fact that this device has stainless steel components, a powerful motor, and tons of several advanced and common features doesn’t mean that it has to be heavy. These continuous feed garbage disposals weigh only 12 pounds. Because of this, you’ll have lesser trouble fitting the garbage disposal unit to your drain connection.

Various Useful Accessories

Even though batch feed garbage disposals are quite efficient too, many people avoid them because they don’t offer a plug-and-play operation. While most continuous-feed disposers support this feature, not many do it quite like Waste King’s budget-friendly disposers.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because, as long as you already have a wall switch, you can get the (L-8000) high-speed motor whirring from the moment you purchase it, thanks to its pre-installed power cord. The 36-inch power cord it comes with not only affords you the best plug-and-play operation but also helps you save on the cost of purchasing a separate power cable.

Apart from the pre-installed power cord you also get other perks like a removable splash guard, too.

An Amazing Warranty Period

Waste King garbage disposal L-8000 doesn’t come with a 7-year warranty or a 20-year limited warranty period. Rather, it affords you a comprehensive lifetime warranty! This service warranty covers you for everything from occasional manufacturing defects to possible material defects and mechanical defects. 

Also, an original purchaser can reach out to Waste King service agents or service representatives if you spot any signs of rust on the device’s stainless steel grind components or chamber materials as they have corrosion warranty lifetime protection, too.

The manufacturer warranty they offer isn’t just talk either as our time has seen the well-honored limited lifetime warranty in action on several occasions.

Cons of the Waste King L-8000 Food Waste Disposer

As of the time of writing, this 1-hp garbage disposal ranks among the most durable garbage disposals on the market. However, some downsides to getting a unit include:

No External Unjamming Feature

So long as you feed your disposer a steady stream of food waste, sooner or later, it will suffer a jam. One of the most common features in many brands of disposals is a jam wrench underneath the device that allows you to unjam the unit neatly. 

Sadly, this Waste King gadget doesn’t offer this feature. So, if a jam happens, you’ll have to stick a broom handle into the grind chamber to fix it.

While this is far from ideal, there is a bit of good news here. The first is that this unit doesn’t jam nearly as much as the average household disposal. Also, we feel Waste King kind of made up for that lapse with the removable splash guards that come with the units.

It Requires More Space

As this unit ranks high among bulky disposals, you need to have enough space under your sink if you intend to install it. Also, while its EZ mount system makes installation easier, the absence of a “3-bolt mount means that the unit is only ideal for people with a stainless steel sink or those who have a flimsier sink material. As materials like ceramic have maximum sink thickness, you may have difficulty setting up this food disposer with those.

What Others Say

Buyers of the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal are quite impressed with regards to its performance and results. Many verified purchasers have given this model of the Legend Series positive reviews, with many of them being 5-out-of-5 ratings on online forums.

A large number of users have commented that the high-speed motor is what makes this garbage disposal system so efficient while others have praised the splash guard for helping them get back precious items dropped accidentally.

Despite the various benefits that buyers have boasted about, online reviewers had given their opinion and voted that the lifetime warranty is the highlight which makes this garbage disposal worth buying.

Buying Advice

It’s possible to think that all these features come at a high price but that isn’t necessarily the case, at least not with Waste King. Dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional service, it is a brand that also serves a large population with the help of affordable products and solutions.

Waste King 8000 Garbage Disposal

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That’s why you should rest assured that Waste King’s products will offer you with utmost convenience without breaking the bank. Interested buyers can purchase the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal at the price of under $120 from Amazon.

Moreover, upon buying this model from Amazon, you get the exclusive benefit of free shipping and various other discounts as well.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal is the versatile and all-rounder system that every family or household needs in their kitchen so that they can live economically and in an eco-friendly way.

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