Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal Review

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Your dog no longer needs to be your removal source for old food and kitchen scraps.

A reliable garbage disposal system is key when it comes to safe and effective removal of leftovers, expired food, and perishable items you don’t want to toss in the trash – as they may cause your home to fill with the unpleasant odor of rotting food.

Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal Review

Taking that into consideration, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of one of the top selling garbage disposals of 2019 – the Waste King L-2600. But wait, that’s not all! We’ll cover the most valuable features, and let you in on where you can purchase this high-end garbage disposal for cheap.

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About The Product

If we’re being honest, the Waste King L-2600 has absolutely everything you could want in a garbage disposal. From its long list of convenient features, to the high speed eco-friendly motor, this unit checks all our boxes.

That said, in order to cover all of the amazing attributes the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal has to offer, we’ve decided to split each feature up into sections.

Eco-Friendly, High Speed Machine

Due to the fact that the Waste King L-2600 is built with a ½ horsepower motor that runs at speeds of 2600 RPM (115v), you can rest easy knowing this unit will demolish all of your waste quickly and efficiently. This unit contains a permanent magnetic motor – designed to prevent motor jams. Whether you have a properly sized septic tank or if your sewage system is mains based, the L-2600 literally liquifies any and all organic waste – so it can be safely taken away.

You said eco-friendly, right?

Yep, you read that correctly! When you choose to use a household garbage disposer as powerful as this one, the waste your home produces will be sent to a recycling facility – turning your food disposal waste into fertilizer or energy. When we simply throw our food waste away in a trash can, it usually ends up in plastic garbage bags (plastic being something that will never disintegrate), landing itself in a land-fill. That’s not only bad for us and our future generations, but deteriorates the planet.

In addition, garbage disposal units don’t require a large amount of water or electricity – keeping your monthly utility bills down. Can’t complain about that!

eco friendly garbage disposal

Powerful – Practical – Performance

If we could describe the Waste King L-2600 in one word, it would be “powerful”.

Many people complain regarding the types of waste they can, and cannot, put down their garbage disposers. And that’s a reasonable concern, especially when they’re looking at purchasing the right disposal system for their home. Although the L-2600 won’t be able to deal with a pile of bones all at once (if any household garbage disposal was able to handle a pile of bones, I’d be a little concerned…), this unit will be able to effortlessly get rid of a great deal of pesky items, such as: various peels, a few odd bones, stringy vegetables, and more.

But wait, we’re not through yet – it gets better.

Do you hate the excessively and unnecessarily loud sound that echoes the minute you turn on a garbage disposal unit? Good news – the L-2600 food waste disposer is actually quiet. Quiet enough to never bother you (or your ears) again. This is due to the sound insulation technology patented by Waste King. According to the reviews of users who’ve purchased the L-2600, the motor on this disposal is incredibly quiet while operating. This is a major plus, especially since this unit is fairly inexpensive.

Quality, Durable Material & Components

Waste King brand of parts and tools are known for their high quality, build-to-last products. The L-2600 is proof of that statement. You will come to find that the internal parts of this garbage disposal last and incredibly long time, and continually work hard to liquify your organic goods.

As if that weren’t enough, the L-2600 is designed with new anti-corrosion technology – which means you’ll never have to worry about rusting within the unit.

Did you know: The biggest reason for breakdowns in garbage disposers are due to rust and corrosion?

With this unit, corrosive wear and tear leading to decomposition of your garbage disposal system is a worry of the past. If you’ve had problems with deterioration in the past, it’s time you give the L-2600 disposer a try for size.

Another point to consider – this Waste King model features stainless steel swivel impellers designed to minimize the chances of jamming. It’s removable splash guard controls how long the food waste stays inside the unit while in operation. This is ideal, as it prevents messy leftovers and lingering smells.

The L-2600 is unique – due to the fact that the grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon. This feature also aids in the prevention of corrosion and rust development. As mentioned above, corrosion is almost always the reason for internal parts breaking down. Just another reason Waste King garbage disposals assure a longer lifespan.

how to install garbage disposal

Easy Self-Installation

No plumber – NO PROBLEM!

After extensively researching the reviews around the Waste King L-2600, it’s clear this unit is well evaluated by those who’ve purchased it. Majority of buyers mentioned the ease and simplicity of installing this unit themselves. It’s worth mentioning that many reviews state that the installation is super easy, even for someone who has not done this sort of thing my themselves before.

If you purchase the L-2600 from Amazon, the kit includes an “EZ mount” mounting system – making for a trouble-free installation and/or replacement. It’s so easy, in fact, many users say that you can expect a “plug and play” unit with this garbage disposer. This is especially true if you already have a stainless steel kitchen sink.

On the other hand, if you have a two bowl sink, there may be a need for some additional piping and fitting. That said, it is connectable with a standard septic tank or home dishwasher. There’s a good chance you won’t have to spend a penny on installation costs, as long as you follow the simple step-by-step instructions provided with this garbage disposal.

Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal Specs:

Many amazing features of the L-2600 were mentioned above. So, below we will be listing the product specs of this unit.

  • check1/2 HP. 2600 RPM (115v) high-speed permanent magnet motor
  • check5-Year Limited Warranty
  • check36 in. pre-installed power cords
  • checkStainless steel components with a corrosion-proof polymer
  • checkFeed Type: Continuous Feed
  • checkDesigned to take up minimal space under kitchen sink – leaving more room for storage
  • checkItem dimensions: 6.75 x 6.75 x 13.5 in.
  • checkEco-friendly
  • checkItem weight: 7.8 pounds
  • checkComes in a sleek silver color

What Others Say

We’ve mentioned above some of the important details that buyers of the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal have to say about it. However, there are so many rave reviews about this unit, we want to include some other noteworthy mentions.

According to the L-2600 buyer reviews, both professional plumbers and average homeowners rave over how easy the installation of this product is. But that’s not all – the quality and lifespan of this disposer seem to be just as fantastic! In fact, a professional plumber left a long and positive review, stating that he now exclusively recommends Waste King products due to their affordable price point – especially considering the quality these units have to offer.

Waste King’s warranty was also mentioned by reviewers. Although there are some limitations, the brand’s garbage disposals offer a lifetime warranty on corrosion. As far as sound is concerned, it seems a handful of reviews mentioned the noise of the L-2600 as being louder than their previous disposer, but the majority of those who mentioned the noise stated that it was “remarkably quiet” compared to other garbage disposal units.

Buying Advice

With all of these features, you may assume that the price of this garbage disposal unit would be out of budget. But, we are here to tell you that it is very reasonably priced!

Luckily Waste King is dedicated to providing high-quality, long lasting products to a vast audience. Part of that includes offering their products to households of all incomes.

Waste King Garbage Disposal Review

You can rest assured knowing that Waste King’s products provide total and complete convenience – all without breaking the bank. Anyone interested in purchasing the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal unit, can purchase it at the incredibly reasonable price of $74 on Amazon.

As if that weren’t enough to sell you on this product, Amazon offers free shipping on the L-2600.

Final Verdict

Once all is said and done, the Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal is truly the ideal solution for every household. What’s better than an easy-to-install, eco-friendly, high-quality stainless steel garbage disposer with a great warranty plan?

… I’ll let you think of an answer on that one.

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